sushant sharma

sushant sharma
Male, 31 years
Contact: 9818107172 , 014426258
Education: Masters Degree (Completed)
Teaching Experience: 5 Years
City: Kathmandu
Teaching Location: Student's home or My own place
About Me I am phd scholar and have taught more than 1000 students individual or group wise, as it is said that practice makes a man perfect , I think i could perform an art in teaching, I could go through students mind and pick out his confusion and fill the mind and help them to explore the infinite possibility of knowledge I guess no one is seeking a tutor but a coach who could help them to aspire his will and uncover his potential, I feel happy and proud that i had done some of the remarkable jobs on teaching sector, some of the features on my teaching which enhances discipline are: 1. weekly exam in sunday about the week that i have spend teaching to u this is really effective 2.flexible at exam hours,every minute and every hours of exam study in exam hours is important so i m very flexible at exam hours at teaching which help a student a lot 3.promise to continue till the end(not leaving at the middle,this is very crucial think about it) 4.I create very friendly environment and lively in the class,so there is no room for hesitation ta ask the question at right time to clear the concept 5.motivation and encouragement for student to study more, we can see that every successful person in the world is motivated by someone to pursue the goal ,so i create a positive environment and motivate them to study well material and extra book will be provided, as we know both parents and student are unaware about which writer book is easy to understand and which help them to score high and pass with good grades